The Data Warehouse Group is a Melbourne based provider of SSRS report writing and visualisation services to Australian organisations. Our offering includes updating and creating new reports and dashboards that communicate true organisational performance in the clearest possible way. Our preferred technologies are SQL, SSRS and SSAS.

SSRS Report Writing and Visualisation Services

SSRS report writing and visualisation servicesIn this ever changing corporate landscape bosses, employees, competitors, products, technologies and suppliers change. Shift happens! Nothing is immune. Things that worked in the past can become obsolete or irrelevant overnight.

Perhaps your business intelligence system is like that? When it was first installed, the reports were pertinent and powerful, but these days they are irrelevant and ineffectual? Or perhaps, your BI staff have moved on, taking extended leave or are totally snowed under?

We provide SSRS report writing and visualisation services to meet the needs of those organizations that have an existing SQL business intelligence environment but are experiencing difficulty leveraging their data to yield performance boosting insights:

  • Correct and reformat inappropriate reports, KPIs, dashboards and score cards.
  • Create new reports and graphical dashboards that provide perceptive insight.
  • Update existing data warehouse/stores/marts to track additional data.
  • Include self-service ad hoc reporting.